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The Bonlife Family Plan is designed especially for the extended family and can cover up to 14 people on one policy. There is an option to add a premium waiver to this policy as well as double cover on accidents. This policy also have a No-Claim bonus which will be paid out if there were no claims on your policy for 5 years. Cover amounts ranges from N$5 000 to N$25 000.

The Bonlife Prime Plan is a package for the close family. Your spouse and children can be added to this policy. A free premium waiver is included in this product to ensure your family is cover in the event the main member passes away. Cover amounts is either N$50 000 or N$100 000. 

The Bonlife Senior Plan is a package for senior citizens between the ages of 65 and 84. There is an option to add your spouse and no medical test on this product or any of our products is required. In the event of an accident the cover amount will be doubled. Cover ranges from N$5 000 to N$30 000. 

The Bonlife Plus Plan specifically designed for the caretaker of the family. This can be either the domestic worker, the nanny or even the gardener. This is a benefit the employer provides to their employee, thus the employer must be the premium payer. In the event of a claim an amount is paid out to the policy holder as well as the employer. For more information on this product please visit our Plus Plan website:

Our Value Added Benefits

You can choose any of our value added benefits and add it to any of the above products that we offer:


A tombstone benefit for either the Main Life of the policy or the Main Life and Spouse of the policy. An option of N$7 500 or N$15 000 is available. 

When a new policy is issued, a 12 month waiting period applies before a claim is paid out. This benefit allows you to change the waiting period from 12 to 6 months.

Notice of death and funeral will be published in two daily newspapers. 

A grocery voucher at selected retailers to the value of N$ 2000.

A benefit payable to your family for three months to cover bills and expenses. An amount of N$4 000 per month will be paid to your family for three month. 

Transportation of the body to a maximum value of N$5 000.

Already have a funeral policy and only want these benefits? No problem, tell us which benefits you want and we will accompany your request with our Value Added Product. 

Early Comfort
Funeral Notice
Family Supporter

Group Funeral and Retirement Fund

Group Funeral

We will customize and tailor a group funeral policy for you depending on your needs. Criteria for this would be the amount of people to be covered under this group, cover amount, benefits to be added etc. The group funeral is ideal for churches, unions, family groups or companies. For a quote call us now and we will send a sales representative to you. 

Ubuntu Retirement Fund

We also offer a pension fund option with affordable contribution and market related returns. This pension fund is also aimed at the low to middle class segment of the market. For more information regarding the pension fund please visit the website: www.ubuntunamibia.com

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