Why is a Funeral Plan important?

Here’s why having a funeral plan is so important: 

  1. It eases financial worries. If you’re the main breadwinner, the very last thing you want to happen when you die is for your loved ones to be left with the financial burden of paying for your funeral. At the same time, if someone in your family dies, you don’t want to have financial worries while you’re dealing with grief and shock.

  2. It gives you closure. When you lose someone close to you, having a proper funeral is an important part of the grieving process. If you can’t afford a funeral, this can mean an open-ended sense of loss with no official goodbye to the person you love. 

  3. It gives you cash quickly. Even if the person who dies (be it you or a family member) has money to their name, it can take a while to access those funds due to legal procedures involved in winding up an estate. Funerals normally need to be organised very quickly and often must be paid for immediately too. Having funeral cover means we’ll deposit the cash into the beneficiary’s bank account within 48 hours, so you can start arranging the funeral without delay.

  4. It helps with related funeral expenses. Beyond the cost of a funeral itself, there are many other associated expenses that you may not have thought of. These can include things like paying for a headstone and transporting guests to and from the funeral, the ceremony the church.

  5. It gives you support as well as financial assistance. With funeral insurance like the Nedbank Insurance Funeral Plan, you can get other kinds of support beyond just financial help. This can include things like bereavement counselling, legal assistance to do with the funeral procedures e.g. obtaining death certificates, and help with organising the details of the funeral.

  6. You can get ongoing financial support after the funeral. If you’re the main earner in your family and you die, your family may be left without a source of income in the months to come. The Nedbank Insurance Funeral Plan contains an optional rider benefit that pays your family a set income for several months after you die. This money can then be used to cover essential expenses such as rent, food and school fees.

Having a funeral plan in place is important to cushion yourself financially during a very tough time. While a funeral plan can never ease the pain of your loss, it can help to make the path ahead just that much easier. 

What are the benefits of funeral cover?

f you unexpectedly passed away tomorrow, would your loved ones be able to cover your funeral expenses? We consider three benefits of having this insurance in place.

Funeral cover versus life cover – know the difference

A life insurance policy factors in funeral cover benefits, offering a financial safety net for a family, which can be helpful in both the short and longer term.


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