Frequently asked questions...

Q: What to do if a claim arises?

A: Contact us immediately and send us the following documentation

  • Certified copy of deceased's ID

  • Certified copy of the beneficiary's ID

  • Certified copy of the death certificate

  • Valid bank statement of the beneficiary

Q: What is a waiting period?

A: A waiting period is the minimum time a policy must be active and paid before a claim will be paid out. The default waiting period is 12 months, however if the early comfort benefit is chosen, the waiting period will be reduced to 6 months. 

Q: What happens if my policy is not paid and up to date?

A: If your policy is more than three month in arrears, the policy will lapse and your cover will expire. You can reactivate a lapsed policy but a new waiting period will then be enforced. 

Q: How and when do I pay my premium?

A: Premiums are paid on a monthly basis via debit order. If you prefer to do a cash payment, please visit one of our branches to do so. 

Q: How will I know if my policy is in arrears?

A: You will receive an SMS if your policy is in arrears or if there is an unpaid amount in your policy. If you receive this SMS contact our offices immediately to ensure your cover remains active. 

Q: Who and what is the beneficiary on my policy?

A: The beneficiary is a trustworthy person that you nominate. The beneficiary will be the person that receives the cover amount in the case of death.

Q: Can I get a policy in behalf of someone else?

A: Yes you can. The person who pays the premium does not need to be the same person as the person who is insured. Whoever is the main life insured on the policy will always be the policy owner. 

Q: Will my family remain covered after my death?

A: If you choose the premium waiver benefit then your family remains covered without any further premiums payable.

If you have any further questions, please contact our offices and we will be happy to help. 

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