Our benefits


A tombstone for either the Main Life or Main Life and Spouse to the value
of N$ 7 500 or N$ 15 000.

Family Supporter

A benefit payable to your family for three months to cover bills and expenses.


A grocery voucher at selected retailers
to the value of N$ 2 000.

Veggie Benefit

72kg of vegetables to the
value of N$ 2 500.

Casket Benefit

A casket or dome for either the Main Life or Main life and Spouse for the value
of N$ 8 500 or N$ 16 000.

Early Comfort

When a new policy is issued, a 12-month waiting period applies before a claim is paid out. This benefit allows you to change your waiting period from 12 to 6 months.

Retrenchment Benefit

A benefit payable when the Main Life on the policy is retrenched from their work to the value of N$3 000.

Onyama Meat Feast Benefit

70kg of A-grade beef meat to the value of N$ 8 000.

Refreshment Benefit

A refreshment voucher at selected retailer to the value of N$ 2 000 or N$4 000.


Transportation of the body to a maximum value of N$ 5 000.