About Us

Bonlife Assurance

Bonlife Assurance is a truly 100% Namibian owned company that specializes in Long-Term insurance products for the low to medium income segment of the market. We focus on excellent service, affordable premiums and innovative products and benefits. 

Vision and Mission 

Vision: To Provide Extraordinary Insurance to Ordinary Namibians.

Mission: Provide innovative and affordable insurance products through exceptional customer service while growing a sustainable relationship between organization, community and environment. 

Excellent Service Gauranteed

To provide excellent service to our customers we have to understand not what they want but what they need. We provide tailor made products to all our clients with a 48 hour claim pay-out with no medicals.

The difference between Bonlife and other insurers is that we listen to the people of Namibia. 

73 John Meinert Street, Windhoek, Namibia

call today: 061 250 331
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